We are pleased that you are interested in the topic of heart failure. Despite enormous progress in the possibilities for evaluation and therapy in particular the failure is still a disease with serious prognosis that is often underestimated. Unfortunately, in many patients, is also less than optimal treatment for many reasons. According to morbidity and mortality in everyday life are much higher than would be expected from the studies here . The Working Group on Heart Failure is committed to optimal care of patients with heart failure.

The working group on heart failure include a total of almost 150 full and associate members. It was founded in 1998 and currently meets 3 times a year for work sessions .

The working group heart failure regularly organizes training and continuing education events failure and it related subjects. It is committed to standards in the treatment of heart failure in Switzerland , which are summarized in the recently published guidelines. It is important that these standards are applicable in everyday life, because the treatment of these patients is complex and rarely easy . Next , the working group heart failure supports the introduction of a networked service. Finally, enables collaboration within the working group on the subject of scientific activities in Switzerland.

Our website would like to inform about the activities of the working group heart failure and various topics on heart failure. Our website is under construction , so we have to rely on proposals to design and content. We look forward to your comments and questions that you may submit to one of the board members by email. We would be glad to publish your posts on the subject of heart failure.

On behalf of the Board

PD Dr. med. Micha Maeder, President